Welcome to Virtual Biz Connection! We’re so glad to see you here and cannot wait to see your virtual business gaining ground!

Stay tuned and keep checking back in for new and innovative events and opportunities to get your business out there to the world.

  1. If you’ve already established a business, make sure that you’ve added your business listing! This is the #1 step that people forget to do – if you don’t have a listing, you won’t be found when we get the site promotion rolling, which is this month (November)! You’ve got a little time, but get in there, add your listing now to make sure you’re included when people are searching.
  2. We will be offering new opportunities on a regular basis, so set a reminder to pop in at least once or twice a week to see what’s new!
  3. ALWAYS feel free to reach out if you have any issues with the site or if you just have a question. We’re here to help!

Ok, we’re off to get things rolling.  Talk soon!



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