Wow. There are seriously THOUSANDS of them to choose from. I put a post out there asking what would be a good choice, but still haven’t had much feedback, so maybe people tend to choose wired? As a researcher, I tend to spend WAY MORE time than is recommended (and often necessary) as I will get pulled into one rabbit hole, then another, then another… you get it. Sigh.

Having always used wired headphones, I find earbuds to be a nuisance to begin with, but then add the wireless feature and they all seem horribly uncomfortable and geared to a much larger ear than I was blessed with. I guess I should be happy that I don’t have huge ears, LOL.

At first, I was going to choose Bose for their reputation for superior sound, but found the reviews to be mediocre. Most of the issues seem to be with the fit, which as noted above is an issue for me. At $150+, I am hoping to get a quality product that has some level of adaptation available for the many millions (billions?) of pairs of ears out there.

Then I realized through many more searches that the vast majority of the earbuds on Amazon that the vast majority were “available for shipping to US today!” Huh? I seriously don’t want to wait for international shipping right now. Ugh.

Back to the drawing board and I think I finally found the ones I want. I went ahead and purchased a pair for myself and a pair for my husband in the hope that they will be sufficient for what we need.

Choosing the right earbuds


To clarify, our missions are completely different. While I work from home as a virtual entrepreneur. I am now caring for my newest granddaughter, which requires me to move around a lot. Being tethered is more of an inconvenience for me, rather than a necessity.  So I got these ones for myself:

Choosing wireless earbuds


Brian, on the other hand and co-owner of our family emergency towing service with 2 of our sons, is in a tow truck much of the time and needs to be hands free. As an emergency vehicle, he needs the ability to speak to the police and other service providers, but by law it’s required as a commercial driver. His requirements are touch answering and (hopefully) water resistant for inclement weather.  These are the ones I ordered for him:


Once we have had a chance to try ’em, I’ll update the post and let you know how they worked out. 🙂


UPDATE 11/10/2020 – After trying out both pairs of the above, I am semi-happy with them. To lay out the pros and cons, this is what I found pretty consistently with both pair:


  • The sound is crisp and clear
  • Pairing was easy with my devices
  • Pretty sturdy – dropped a few times
  • Easy charging with USB
  • Comfortable


  • Charge lasts about 2-3 hours (sales page said 7 hours – NOT TRUE)
  • Sound fluctuates between left and right




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