Deletra Hudson, MBA

Deletra Hudson, MBA, also known as “The Financial Educator” is the owner of Deletra Hudson, LLC, a financial coaching and consulting firm in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a bestselling and award winning author and speaker who possesses over 25 years of financial experience. Her years of experience include working with corporations, municipalities, non-profit agencies, small businesses, churches and professionals.    

Deletra is also the founder of the Financial Wellness Institute of America (FWIA), a financial academy that teaches adults and youth how to heal their financial position through implementing healthy money management skills and strategies, wealth protection, and legacy creation in a private, confidential and nonjudgmental learning environment. She helps increase financial knowledge for small business owners, professionals and youth through seminars, courses, books, educational systems, and workshops. 

Deletra is most passionate about her work as a youth financial literacy advocate. She is on a mission to fill the financial education gap left by our nation’s education system. In 2016, she published her debut children’s book, Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, which became an award winning book that was circulated across the United States to many schools and organizations servicing youth.  In 2018, she published her second children’s book, AJ Discovers the $2 Bill, under her new publishing company, Money Matter$ Publishing.

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